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Our start-up story goes something like this.

Our founder, Eric Zimmerman, was feeling like he was on a roll, personal carbon footprint wise.

He'd guided his publishing company to sustainable manufacturing (post-consumer recycled paper books), cut his commute by 75% and ditched the gas-guzzling sports car. Better still, he had just finished a deep-energy retrofit on his house and was a few solar panels away from net-zero living. Yep, he was doing his part.

And then, he stepped on the rake.

He'd decided to put together a website that would make it easier for folks to retrofit their homes for low-energy living. And while doing some research, he bumped into discussions about the carbon footprint created by travel. A few carbon-calculators and one spreadsheet later, he realized his biggest footprint hadn’t been his house or his car. It was his travel, by far.

It turns out that business and leisure travel are major contributors to climate change. Like it or not, people need to travel. Some of us need to go meet with customers while others need to take the kids to see their grandparents. And we could all use a vacation. This is a problem that's not going away, but what to do?

And finally, the aha moment.

What if we erased the impact of our travel, by funding projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere? If we calculated each trip’s footprint and offset it with carbon offsets from renewable energy and reforestation programs, we’d be able to travel responsibly. And we’d create resources that would provide benefit for generations to come.

Now, if only we had a travel site that did all that. Welcome to TripZero. If you’d like to know more, please drop us a line.